Hudson Store: (514) 880 4345

Sutton Store: (438) 998 0028

About Us
Life in Linen/Vivre en Lin was opened in the beautiful lakeside town of Hudson in Quebec in 2015 by Helen Salmen-Tremblay. Helen has run succesful stores in the UK for over 15 years prior to this and has over 15 years of experience in Textiles.  Her love of elegant clothing led her to open Life in Linen so that she could provide hand-made, bespoke clothing for her customers. She sources only the highest quality linen and designs items that are both beautiful and functional.

In 2016 a second store was opened in Sutton, Quebec which has become an instant success too. Helen divides her time between both stores and is supported by her enthusiastic team.  

If you have any queries about fitting/sizing please do not hesitate to contact us for advice.

All our linens other than ‘Gauze' are machine washable; white linens can be washed on a normal warm cycle, and colours are best washed cold. As linen has natural antibacterial qualities it is not necessary to use soap, however…..if you do, please use 1/3 of what is recommended on the soap label. Fabric softener is recommended and should be used according to the instruction of your brand. We recommend you also add 1/4 of a cup of white vinegar with your soap when washing coloured items.
After washing in your machine, be sure to gently shake out the garment as much as possible before placing in your tumble dryer on a low temperature cycle. Please set a timer for 10 minutes as this will not totally dry the garment but plump the fibres.  Shake out again and hang, smoothing out any remaining creases by hand, thus the garment will not need ironing. We do not recommend ironing as we find it stiffens the garments, making any creases sharper, however it does no damage it, and if you wish to iron, please do so on the reverse side of the garment.

Our linen ‘gauze’ is best washed by hand with either no soap or just a thimble full of both soap and softener.  Wring gently afterwards in a towel, shake out and tumble dry for 8 minutes on a low temperature cycle, it will then be perfect to wear.
When travelling with your linen, roll it for packing and hang upon arrival, baby wipes are excellent to remove little accidental make-up marks.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us……we will be happy to help you.